Our Farms

Farming Philosophy

We believe in real food, good food that is clean and nutrient dense, grown in a healthy, sustainable environment.

We believe in farmers, who dedicate their lives to feed and nourish us, hard working people passionate about the earth and healthy produce.

We believe in you, the person who cares where your food comes from, that support local farmers and our environment.

Blue Valley Farm, Cameron Highlands

Blue Valley is our flagship farm currently producing Capsicums from 1.4ha of greenhouses with internationally experienced Master Agronomists leading our growing team using European technology. Blue Valley is also used as a training facility for local farmers with our “Come Grow With Us” consulting concept, that seeks to address the shortfall in local farming skills

Lojing Farm, Lojing Highlands

Our 18ha expansion site located in Lojing Highlands is the highest tech farm in South East Asia.  We are proudly environmentally responsible with efficient use of power, water and land.  Our farm is the first Biologically controlled farm in South East Asia that has achieved the sought after Global Gap certification, including our world class on site packing and cold storage facilities.  Our farms produce a quality of food that can be compared with any other farm in Europe or America.

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    Customizable, year round growing requirement depending on market needs
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    Produce from first 4ha of greenhouses will be ready for market in May 2021
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    Further 8ha of greenhouses expansion to commence in 2021

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    Regional location supports supply into key Asian Pacific markets