Investment Opportunity

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    Using a combined 60 years of experience in agriculture, Greenheart is able to develop land into highly profitable and sustainable farms.

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    The Greenheart Management team is able to manage these commercial farms to ensure World’s Best Practice are adopted in the South East Asia emerging market

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    Due to our strategic partnerships we are able to guarantee off take agreements of product to high end markets, thereby reducing risk and ensuring higher returns for investors.

Emerging as one of South East Asia’s leading agriculture and horticulture businesses

Currently producing pesticide free, premium quality fruits and vegetables to supply rapidly growing Asian demand

Regional location supports supply into key Asian Pacific markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore

Developed advanced, world leading, greenhouse growing technology platform

Diversified product range with offtake agreements

Access to land for large production scale up

Strong board and management with over 60 years of experience

Through established and expanding product lines of zero residual pesticide, high quality clean vegetable produce, the Company is able to build a high margin, downstream business in the ``Food for Asia” sector.

The Road to Get There:

Identify suitable land and match our technology to the land conditions

Secure financing and develop land using  our proven technology and experience.

Using our expertise from Europe and America with Asian experience we will produce a high quality clean vegetable.


Our established  customer base will allow us to sell into key global  markets in Asia, Middle East, Japan and Australia


The Greenheart Group was founded in 2019 and our mission includes feeding South East Asia with high quality produce by ensuring a sustainable, holistic approach to the development and management of our farms. From the identification of suitable land and environments, to the construction of the farm and the supply of all farming inputs, Greenheart Group operates on a proven risk management model to reach our ultimate goal of providing a healthy, high quality, value for money product.

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